Bomberg BOLT-68

At last! At last a Swiss made brand that gets off the over-beaten track of watchmaking and dares to reinvent its products and rewrite its codes of communication. BOMBERG, the young Swiss company, infuses the watchmaking world with a good dose of audacity and rebellion. A watch? NO! A compelling timepiece and above all a dark object of desire intended for a man whose masculinity is not up for debate. With the added bonus of an exclusive technical feature and a pinch of irony chained to its advertising. You’re bound to like it…

At first glance, you’re faced with a timepiece that packs a punch. A classy, impressive object with the buttons and the crown placed at 12 o’clock as the first technical novelty. The face of the chronograph model features three counters plus the date window at the top. The GMT version shows a second time zone at three o’clock. The case has a very simple design, embellished with a band of criss-cross knurling or a grenade-grip pattern in the mechanical model. Besides the visual impact, these two elements have a practical function: on a man’s wrist, this device can’t fail to make a big impression, as it’s designed to do. But that’s not all…

Bomberg BOLT-68 Skull Duo

Bomberg BOLT-68 Skull

Chain reaction

Using an ingenious bayonet system with a trigger guard – an exclusive system patented by BOMBERG – the time-keeping module can be detached from its base and attached to a metal chain. The new configuration is now a pocket watch. But be warned, the chain differs quite a bit from the fine chains on the pocket watches of yesteryear. The links are robust, imposing, oversized like the watch, with the two snap hooks clearly visible from end to end. As you will no doubt have realized, this tool is destined more for a pocket on a pair of jeans than that of a gentleman’s waistcoat. The knurling on the case now comes into its own, the ridges making it easier for the fingers manipulating the device to gain a grip. From a technical point of view, this dual usage – pocket and wrist – has meant new developments in three areas: size, engineering and security. The top-of-the-range model, the BOLT-68 Skull, has been produced as a limited edition with a black metallic chain whose links represent a series of skull and crossbones.

A watch? NO! Two watches, two ways of being? That’s getting closer to the truth. An object of desire? YES! Certainly destined for an increasingly rare species: the homo virilus whose masculinity is not open to question. (Text/Picture: BOMBERG)

Bomberg BOLT-68

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